Worst Supervisor Ever?

Everyone Has Had One!

There are few things in life that everyone has had and can immediately relate to and can readily share their own experience. I am talking about “supervisors.” I suspect just saying the word “supervisor” conjures up an image of your worst and/or best supervisor. Most can and do think first of their worst supervisor ever. I don’t know about you but I always wondered how this person ever achieved this level of responsibility. In today’s world with four generations in the workspace it is imperative that supervisors be able to relate and engage people on a personnel level.  One of my madras is “People don’t quit companies they quite their supervisors.”

So I would like to begin a dialogue about your experiences with “bad supervisors” and what makes for a “bad supervisor” and more importantly what it takes to be a “good supervisor.”  In the next few weeks I will be sharing your stories along about the “bad supervisors” you have encountered and how you survived the ordeal as well as the great supervisors you might have had and how that experience impacted your life.  Together we can learn a lot from each other and hopefully provide some insight on how to be a good supervisor and how to effectively deal with the “Worst Supervisor Ever.”  I look forward to hearing your stories.

2 thoughts on “Worst Supervisor Ever?

  1. Worst boss ever has management experience in fast food and has been hired-with no discernable experience- to manage a medical practice. Dropping fries is somewhat different, my friend. Good luck with that.

  2. Angry
    I feel you pain. Exactly what happens, people are promoted based upon what? Who they know versus what they know? A boss I had stated you could manage anything if you are good manager. The problem with that is that when people turn to them for advise like medical practice and all they know is fast food it does not translate. My guess is he/she didn’t last long and/or the business suffers such as good people leaving. “People don’t quit companies they quite their bosses.” Thanks for sharing.

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