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I have over 20 plus seasoned years of senior management experience; maturity, leadership and communication skills that I believe would significantly help augment your organization’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives. I have a passion for leadership and the unique ability for inspiring people to higher levels of performance. My experiences over the last 20 plus years have been wide-ranging and enriching for me as an individual. 

• Division Manager of Training,
• Division Manager of Planning, Scheduling and Integration (Supply Chain)
• Director Stockpile Weapons (DSW)
• Plant Manager of the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAP)
• Director of Manufacturing, Iowa Army Ammunition Plant (IAAP)
• Contract Manager for NASA at Langley Research Center in Virginia
• Lead Project Manager responsible for bringing Pantex’s entire site back to operational mode after being completely
shut down, Pantex (1994)
• Division Manager of Manufacturing, Pantex

The opportunity to serve in many different management positions afforded me the opportunity to gain extensive experience and success in dealing with unions, arbitrations, and contract negotiations. Since 1991, I have maintained my Certified Production and Inventory Control Manger (CPIM) certification as recognized by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS). For twenty years I also maintained my certification as a Quality Control Engineer (CQE) as recognized by the American Society for Quality Control. I’m currently scheduled to complete my Six Sigma Black Belt certification by June 2014.

Gallup recognized my management style, as I was rated in the 97th percentile in Gallup’s worldwide Q12 database in regard to being an effective manager who fully engages their employees. I was rated as the number one most effective overall Manager at the Pantex site according to the annual Q12 survey in which Gallup conducted at Pantex for three years (2002-2004).

In addition, to my role in many different senior management positions I have excellent written and oral communication skills. Over the years, for example, I have made many important and critical high level presentations to Senators, two Secretaries of Energy, numerous Four Star Generals, high ranking Pentagon officials and many others dignitaries such as Ann Richards, Governor of Texas.

As a main participant I played a key role in the 2001-rebid competition for the M&O Contract for the Pantex site as the Director of Stockpile Weapons for D&Z Corporation. I was one of only two of the proposed Senior Management team that was recognized by the DOE selection team as a “Strength” to the management team. Though our proposal team lost, I was the lone member of the outgoing senior management team asked to stay on as a senior manager with the new contractor, B&W Pantex

Currently I am involved with Amarillo College’s Work Force Development Program (over 7 years) whereby I give training sessions to local and national companies such as Owens Corning, City of Amarillo, Affiliated Foods, Eagle Rock Energy, Aqua 1, VA Hospital, Coffee Memorial Blood Center, American Quarter Horse Association, and United States Agriculture Department to name a few. Some examples of the training topics in which I have presented are:

• How to Build High Performance Teams
• How to Fully Engage Your Employees
• Leadership Development
• Six-Sigma Process Improvement initiatives
• Four Generations in The Workforce
• Dealing Effectively With Change
• Maximizing Your Results By Playing to Your Strengths
• Executive one on one Coaching

The feedback continues to be excellent and without exception I have been asked to come back to make other presentations to these companies and in many cases the same presentation to different levels of management in the same organization.

MBA, West Texas A&M University, 1988
Engineering Technology, West Texas A&M University, 1976

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