Dialogue versus only being heard


Have you ever wondered how we get our selves out of the messes we find our selves in both our personnel lives and worldly circumstances? We look for that dynamic leader or sliver bullet (quick seemingly simple answer) that will save the day. However it has been my experience that seldom if ever happens. I am convinced that there is a way to begin finding the answers we are looking for. It begins knowing the difference between having a dialogue and having a discussion. In a discussion everyone is waiting to be heard and thinking only about what they have to say. Dialogue on the other hand, is when we are genuinely interested in the other person’s perspective. We actually suspend our paradigm and begin to entertain the other persons thoughts and ideas. If I ask you if you can improve your IQ many of you would answer yes. Unfortunately we cannot individually increase our IQ, we can only maintain it. The only time we can improve our IQ is when we are in a dialogue with other people. Studies have shown that when a group of people are involved in a dialogue the IQ of the group becomes greater than anyone individual in the group.

The simple answer to some of our personal, work and worldly issues is to learn to have a dialogue with your family, co-workers, and/or world leaders coming together to listen versus only to be heard.


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